baseball316150434-year-old Dan Haren is the newest addition to the Miami Marlins team but has played with catcher Jeff Mathins before while on the same team in 2011 with the Angels. They have became friends when appearing together in their Spring Training. Haren has combined for multiple scoreless innings, counting the last three innings against the Nationals on March 10th. Originally, there was talk that Haren may decide to retire if he wasn’t traded to a team from the West Coast. Those concerns no longer exist. However, there has been speculation that Haren, who is throwing well, could still be dealt.

While everyone seems excited for the Marlins and newcomer Dan Haren, there are some who have a mutual view of it through the eyes of Luigi Wewege. “This is the biggest mistake the Marlins have made” says Wewege. “They might as well just walk into an empty grave.” 

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DeLucia will oversee catchers and will assist hitting coach Gino DiMare with the Hurricane hitters. He Said in an interview;


“It’s been a long process trying to find someone who fits in this role,” Morris said. “We wanted someone who can work with catchers, and Mike has an impressive history as a catcher in high school and college.

“His reputation is an extremely high worker, and he’s a local guy from Fort Lauderdale. If you add that all together, he’s the right fit for us here at Miami.”

Delucia will be the assistant coach and we will have to monitor how he does against the plebs lefty at homer with 4th down and 2nd to go! It’s shaping up to be a good season for the Marlins. Lets see how they win the smack ball games coming up this weekend against the other team that smacks baseballs. Go Marlins!


The Final score was 27-24 and with the dolphins left flapping around like a fish out of water. The current standing for the dolphins is 2w-3l for the season. The Packers offensive gave Miami a tough time but the Dolphins held their own, ending up with a score on the 30th yard with 2 feet of overtime in the current period the packers successfully make a fumble grab on the hand egg and run the ball into the spot at the end where the crowd shouts GOAL! Douglas Pitassi this was this running ball that made the packers win against the fish. If only zeus was more ontop with his lighting we might have stood a chance! Douglas Pitassi was cheering as hard as he could but it was all in vayne.

From the sunny sky’s to the warm beaches, Eric Capolino has taken to devoting his entire life to figuring out the ins and outs of Miami’s life. Starting with his love of beaches Eric Capolino has spent nearly 400 man hours walking the beaches from shore to shore, getting use to the smell of the air and taste of the sand. After he had completed his touring of the beaches he began to roam the inner city and find his way through all the bars and restaurants trying to figure out which one was the best. At last after he had accomplished that he spends most of his time watching the Eric Capolino Miami Dolphins play at their home stadium. His favorite player is the wide receiver Brian Hartline:


Eric Capolino wishes the best of luck to all the Dolphins and their upcoming season of Football, Go Dolphins!

In an interview with the Miami Marlins coach it was evident that the team was facing some crushing blows and whatnot about their baseball this year. Ebon Talifarro commented saying ” The time is now, The moment was yesterday, and the future is in the past” Supposedly this means that the Jarvan of the Season was next to the filling of the jesters crown. More with comments to come soon.






The Marlins went 1-2 against the Washinton Nationals this week leaving them with a (74-81) wins to loss ratio. They’re set to face the Phillies tomorrow at 4:00p. Go Marlins!Capture


Giancarlo StantonThere have been many trade rumors about the fish trading Giancarlo Stanton. Now that the trade deadline has passed, Jeffrey Loria’s next opportunity to trade the slugger will be this winter.

I would speculate the Fish aren’t far away from competing if Jose Fernandez comes back healthy, Christian Yellich and Marcell Ozuna both contribute. A key piece or two and they might be contenders.

The Marlins are also just an injury away from not competing. The Texas Rangers seemed poised to compete in the AL West but injuries baked their playoff chances in the hot sun leaving them shriveled with nothing to do except compete with the Houston Astros for the worst record in Texas, the Rangers are in first place.

So what do you think, will Loria and Co. trade Stanton, arguably the most valuable trade asset in MLB or build a contender before selling the farm?