What!!! Miami Marlins $75  million pay roll, wow!  What ever happen to people playing for fun.  This is showing that people are starting to be athletic for money and not for fun.  Is there other teams that pay or look the other way for these high priced players that maybe thinking with all the money and opportunity they maybe above the law. The mangers of these teams seem that because they pay these player so much money they would be losing if they let them pay for the bad things that they have been doing dog fighting, wife beating they have looked the other way for money.  These pay way more than  careers at Fisher Investments  do.

Miami resident Vince Malfitano says the Miami Marlins are the team to beat this year.  I beg to differ.  As many years have gone by without this coming true why this year?  Just because a team is due a good season doesn’t mean it will happen.  Wanting or wishing it so will not make it happen.  It will take good coaching and the right players to rise above the fray.  Vincent Malfitano believes this year might be the one if the team stay the course.  As with every team the root to success requires a little luck.  Will lady luck shine on the Marlins this year?

Will Henderson be ok to pitch?  MRI doesn’t sound good. Alvarez, Mathis and Kelly on 15 day leave.  Can this team pull it together?  Dimensional Construction Inc. on LinkedIn couldn’t put this humpty dumpty team back together!   Check out Fox Sports for developments. Looks like we will have to hold our breath to see which shoe falls next.  Can this team see any more problems and stay in the game?  I tell you what… this team will pull through and move forward like every year past.  You cant tell me that they are done until the fat lady sings.  Without a little bit of problems it would be just another boring year.


The Final score was 27-24 and with the dolphins left flapping around like a fish out of water. The current standing for the dolphins is 2w-3l for the season. The Packers offensive gave Miami a tough time but the Dolphins held their own, ending up with a score on the 30th yard with 2 feet of overtime in the current period the packers successfully make a fumble grab on the hand egg and run the ball into the spot at the end where the crowd shouts GOAL! Douglas Pitassi this was this running ball that made the packers win against the fish. If only zeus was more ontop with his lighting we might have stood a chance! Douglas Pitassi was cheering as hard as he could but it was all in vayne.

From the sunny sky’s to the warm beaches, Eric Capolino has taken to devoting his entire life to figuring out the ins and outs of Miami’s life. Starting with his love of beaches Eric Capolino has spent nearly 400 man hours walking the beaches from shore to shore, getting use to the smell of the air and taste of the sand. After he had completed his touring of the beaches he began to roam the inner city and find his way through all the bars and restaurants trying to figure out which one was the best. At last after he had accomplished that he spends most of his time watching the Eric Capolino Miami Dolphins play at their home stadium. His favorite player is the wide receiver Brian Hartline:


Eric Capolino wishes the best of luck to all the Dolphins and their upcoming season of Football, Go Dolphins!