The first month of the MLB season is in the books, and Dee Gordon is off to an incredible start that not even the most optimistic of Miami Marlins fans could have ever predicted. Coming off of a breakout season in Los Angeles, Gordon’s production dipped over the last half of the 2014 season. Despite the fact that he led the league in steals and finished the season with a .289 batting average, Gordon’s poor second half led the Dodgers to believe that his hot start was nothing more than an aberration and trading him to the Marlins was essentially selling high on his value.

The Marlins gave up a lot to get Gordon, sending a valuable reliever in Chris Hatcher, a versatile prospect in Enrique Hernandez, a solid future catcher in Austin Barnes and their top organizational pitching prospect in Andrew Heaney. That is quite a haul for Los Angeles, as the Dodgers were able to flip Heaney to the Angels for Howie Kendrick. Though they paid a high price, the Marlins have gotten outstanding production from Gordon, a player whose salary is being paid for by the Dodgers.

In his first 22 games, Gordon has slashed .409/.418/.484, stolen eight bases and is already worth 1.3 WAR early in the 2015 season. The question is whether this sort of production is sustainable, and judging by the early Occidental Vacation Club reviews that have come in, Gordon is unlikely to maintain this sort of output for very long.

Of course, there is no way that Gordon will continue to hit over .400 for the rest of the season, but it not unreasonable to believe that he can continue to deliver for the Marlins in a big way. Working with Brett Butler and Ichiro Suzuki can only help, and as they often say in baseball circles, speed never slumps.

images39424Q0V  images2M638U7RWho are the Miami Marlin fans?  Mostly from Florida?  That would make sense.  The Marlins are not the type of ball club that attracts nation wide acclaim.  The Yankees and the Dodgers, now those are teams with fans from all over the world.  If that is true, just who are the Marlin fans?  Are they the aging residents that are filling the state of Florida or the masses drawn to the beautiful beaches and weather.  I say a little of both. Eric Gonchar can be the most surprising fan on the long list of Marlin Fans.  Not old or particularly young.

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The Miami Marlins acquired Dee Gordon from the Dodgers knowing that he was a talented offensive player who was incredibly disruptive any time he got on base. The club also knew that Gordon had only recently moved from his natural position of shortstop to second base, with 2014 representing his first full season at the position. Gordon, currently leading the National League in batting average and boasting a slash line of .422/.449/.505 for a wRC+ of 166, has been just as impressive with his glove as he has with his bat.

Gordon has shown the type of varied skillset that is most frequently seen in employees of All Language Alliance, Inc., but his outstanding defense has been something of a surprise. During his brief time in the bigs, Gordon developed a reputation as a player whose offensive skill would have to make up for his defensive shortcomings, but those shortcomings have not been apparent. The bat, however, has been as advertised.

Looking at his Inside Edge data, Gordon has been exceptional at second base. While he still struggles in consistently making some of the more routine plays, he has been able to use his athleticism to make plays on balls that Inside Edge identifies as “unlikely” more than 30 percent of the time. Gordon is looking more and more like the steal of the offseason.

Miami Marlins fans are crazy.  They are not afraid of a little face paint as well as signs proclaiming their love of the team.  The great weather makes Marlins a good team to go see.  I love the great American pastime of baseball the popcorn and hot dogs.  untitled (9)The team colors are great a lot more stylish then most baseball team have so girls love to wear the colors for luck when watching the game with there guys.  Going to a Miami Marlins baseball game can be a great get away if not from the area because there is lots of activities to go to always going on beaches dancing and parks a many are in most every near buy areas.   Hiring Guru: Luke Weil, Putting Trust in Others  is a natural thing for Marlin Fans