Miami resident Vince Malfitano says the Miami Marlins are the team to beat this year.  I beg to differ.  As many years have gone by without this coming true why this year?  Just because a team is due a good season doesn’t mean it will happen.  Wanting or wishing it so will not make it happen.  It will take good coaching and the right players to rise above the fray.  Vincent Malfitano believes this year might be the one if the team stay the course.  As with every team the root to success requires a little luck.  Will lady luck shine on the Marlins this year?

Giancarlo StantonThere have been many trade rumors about the fish trading Giancarlo Stanton. Now that the trade deadline has passed, Jeffrey Loria’s next opportunity to trade the slugger will be this winter.

I would speculate the Fish aren’t far away from competing if Jose Fernandez comes back healthy, Christian Yellich and Marcell Ozuna both contribute. A key piece or two and they might be contenders.

The Marlins are also just an injury away from not competing. The Texas Rangers seemed poised to compete in the AL West but injuries baked their playoff chances in the hot sun leaving them shriveled with nothing to do except compete with the Houston Astros for the worst record in Texas, the Rangers are in first place.

So what do you think, will Loria and Co. trade Stanton, arguably the most valuable trade asset in MLB or build a contender before selling the farm?