Randi Glazer’s New Book

Randi Glazer’s new book is finally available. The book came out in early February of 2016 and depicts the many elements that go into work in the underwriting world. This release can be beneficial for people who wish to pursue underwriting positions.

Reading this book can be an intelligent idea for people who are committed to the idea of underwriting work. Glazer offers a lot of helpful information and guidance. The author talks about how frustrating and complicated it can be to collaborate with harsh agents and brokers, for example. Glazer talks about what people can do to locate suitable places of employment in the underwriting realm.

It’s a wonderful book because it’s highly personal. Glazer isn’t afraid to share stories from her own life. These tales showcase her road to achievement in such a challenging and complex career field. The underwriting industry is tough because it’s one that evolves nonstop.

If you’re someone who works in underwriting (or who is thinking about doing so), it is definitely a must-read for you.

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