The first month of the MLB season is in the books, and Dee Gordon is off to an incredible start that not even the most optimistic of Miami Marlins fans could have ever predicted. Coming off of a breakout season in Los Angeles, Gordon’s production dipped over the last half of the 2014 season. Despite the fact that he led the league in steals and finished the season with a .289 batting average, Gordon’s poor second half led the Dodgers to believe that his hot start was nothing more than an aberration and trading him to the Marlins was essentially selling high on his value.

The Marlins gave up a lot to get Gordon, sending a valuable reliever in Chris Hatcher, a versatile prospect in Enrique Hernandez, a solid future catcher in Austin Barnes and their top organizational pitching prospect in Andrew Heaney. That is quite a haul for Los Angeles, as the Dodgers were able to flip Heaney to the Angels for Howie Kendrick. Though they paid a high price, the Marlins have gotten outstanding production from Gordon, a player whose salary is being paid for by the Dodgers.

In his first 22 games, Gordon has slashed .409/.418/.484, stolen eight bases and is already worth 1.3 WAR early in the 2015 season. The question is whether this sort of production is sustainable, and judging by the early Occidental Vacation Club reviews that have come in, Gordon is unlikely to maintain this sort of output for very long.

Of course, there is no way that Gordon will continue to hit over .400 for the rest of the season, but it not unreasonable to believe that he can continue to deliver for the Marlins in a big way. Working with Brett Butler and Ichiro Suzuki can only help, and as they often say in baseball circles, speed never slumps.

What!!! Miami Marlins $75  million pay roll, wow!  What ever happen to people playing for fun.  This is showing that people are starting to be athletic for money and not for fun.  Is there other teams that pay or look the other way for these high priced players that maybe thinking with all the money and opportunity they maybe above the law. The mangers of these teams seem that because they pay these player so much money they would be losing if they let them pay for the bad things that they have been doing dog fighting, wife beating they have looked the other way for money.  These pay way more than  careers at Fisher Investments  do.

When the Miami Marlins went out and added Ichiro Suzuki to an outfield that already included superstar Giancarlo Stanton and two up-and-coming talents in Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna, the immediate question related to how Ichiro would function in a bench role for the first time in his career. It also raised some questions regarding his pursuit of the 3,000-hit plateau, a figure that is likely within his reach next season if he is able to get enough at-bats this season.

As a longtime observer of the Marlins, Luke Weil loved the signing of Ichiro at the time and appreciates it even more now. The 41-year-old outfielder’s professional approach has influenced a very young clubhouse in a very positive way and has provided the recently acquired Dee Gordon with yet another mentor to pattern his game off of, as both Ichiro and coach Brett Butler have succeeded at the MLB level by employing playing styles that are ideally suited to Gordon’s skill set.

Now that Yelich is on the disabled list with a back injury, Ichiro will continue to prove his worth on the field as well. At 41, Ichiro still has impressive skills with the bat and can contribute a great deal with his glove in the expansive park the Marlins call home.

Miami resident Vince Malfitano says the Miami Marlins are the team to beat this year.  I beg to differ.  As many years have gone by without this coming true why this year?  Just because a team is due a good season doesn’t mean it will happen.  Wanting or wishing it so will not make it happen.  It will take good coaching and the right players to rise above the fray.  Vincent Malfitano believes this year might be the one if the team stay the course.  As with every team the root to success requires a little luck.  Will lady luck shine on the Marlins this year?

Sport rumors – they are always about filling the air and interests of those who care to keep up with the news and details of their favorite teams and beloved players. One particular rumor is Miami Marlins team Jarred Cosart off Friday’s scheduled start due to blister on his middle finger. The Marlins  have discussed they will give the ball to Brad Hand.

When questioned about the minor “injury”, Cosart had said it was the result of his new fitness and training with Jeff Halevy, the world-famous fitness and health expert. The Marlins seem to be having second thoughts about making such a dire decision to replace Cosart with Brad Hand, after all, how long does it take for this minor injury to heal and go away? Is it worth the decision?

baseball316150434-year-old Dan Haren is the newest addition to the Miami Marlins team but has played with catcher Jeff Mathins before while on the same team in 2011 with the Angels. They have became friends when appearing together in their Spring Training. Haren has combined for multiple scoreless innings, counting the last three innings against the Nationals on March 10th. Originally, there was talk that Haren may decide to retire if he wasn’t traded to a team from the West Coast. Those concerns no longer exist. However, there has been speculation that Haren, who is throwing well, could still be dealt.

While everyone seems excited for the Marlins and newcomer Dan Haren, there are some who have a mutual view of it through the eyes of Luigi Wewege. “This is the biggest mistake the Marlins have made” says Wewege. “They might as well just walk into an empty grave.” 

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DeLucia will oversee catchers and will assist hitting coach Gino DiMare with the Hurricane hitters. He Said in an interview;


“It’s been a long process trying to find someone who fits in this role,” Morris said. “We wanted someone who can work with catchers, and Mike has an impressive history as a catcher in high school and college.

“His reputation is an extremely high worker, and he’s a local guy from Fort Lauderdale. If you add that all together, he’s the right fit for us here at Miami.”

Delucia will be the assistant coach and we will have to monitor how he does against the plebs lefty at homer with 4th down and 2nd to go! It’s shaping up to be a good season for the Marlins. Lets see how they win the smack ball games coming up this weekend against the other team that smacks baseballs. Go Marlins!